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English As A Second Language

Do you want to learn English?  Register for one of our Free English Classes today! English as a Second Language classes are designed for limited or non-English speakers who are interested in learning how to speak, read and write in English.  Pre-Literacy to Advanced levels are available. Students will be actively engaged with the added Burlington English program and continued success of the STEP Forward Curriculum.


English as a Second Language Classes Offered:

     • Beginning ESL/Pre-Literacy (Level 1)
     • Low Beginning ESL (Level 2)
     • High Beginning ESL (Level 3)
     • Low Intermediate ESL (Level 4)
     • High Intermediate ESL (Level 5)
     • Advanced ESL (Level 6)
     • Multi-Level ESL/Citizenship Preparation
     • Vocational English as  Second Language (CTE Pathways)
Beginning ESL Literacy (Level 1)
This course is designed to develop listening, speaking, reading and writing skills for students at pre-literacy levels. Emphasis on developing comprehension skills and oral development.

Low Beginning ESL (Level 2)

This course is designed for students to continue developing their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Students will learn about social and cultural interactions. Grammar and vocabulary are incorporated throughout the class at the appropriate level.


High Beginning ESL (Level 3)

Students will learn to listen, speak, read and write English at a high beginning. Students will gain skills to interact in social and cultural situations. Grammar, vocabulary and reading skills are incorporated at appropriate level.


Low Intermediate ESL (Level 4)

This course is taught with an emphasis on fluency and communication. The instructor will begin to encourage students to self check and correct when using basic grammatical structures. Students will develop their oral communication skills.


High Intermediate ESL (Level 5)

This course is taught with an emphasis on expanding fluency and communication. Students will develop higher levels of vocabulary and oral communication skills with an emphasis on reading, writing and critical thinking.


Advanced ESL (Level 6)

This course students build an extensive vocabulary with a strong emphasis on reading, writing, listening, speaking and critical thinking. This course will prepare you to transition to secondary and post secondary education or career training.


Citizenship Preparation (Multi-Level ESL)

This course focuses on the development of communicative English skills and knowledge of American History and Government for citizenship preparation. This course is available for students in ESL level 5 or 6.


Vocational English as a Second Language (CTE Pathways)

This companion course emphasizes language skill development for transitioning successfully to employment. Practice targets language proficiency common in the workforce. Students must be concurrently enrolled in a career technical education course.



English as a Second Language (ESL)- Contextualized Learning (levels 5 & 6)

This companion course for students enrolled in the Career Technical Education (CTE) classes, emphasizes language skill development for transitioning successfully to employment.  Practice targets language proficiency common in the workforce.  Students will gain practice in situations like appointments, client interactions, understanding directions, procedures and techniques.

Note: Must be enrolled in on of the following CTE programs: Administrative Assistant, Automotive Service, Cosmetology, Barbering, Electrician, Food Service & Hospitality, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning, Medical Assistant and Pharmacy Technician, to participate in the Contextualized Learning ESL course.