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Students Inspirations

M. Guadalupe Moreno Romo- ESL Multi Level
Teachers are fortunate to work with many wonderful students, but M. Guadalupe Moreno Romo has demonstrated perseverance, dedication and motivation that is most worthy of recognition.

M. Guadalupe began taking English as a Second Language classes two years ago, but had to stop attending due to her work schedule. She returned in March and was determined to become adept at using technology. It wasn't easy at first, but she has become quite comfortable with computers and studying online. She attends Ms. Jennifer Martin's ESL class regularly and enjoys participating in class.
Most notably, M. Guadalupe recently passed her U.S. Citizenship interview and is now an extremely proud American citizen. Her diligence and enthusiasm are most inspiring! Congratulations, M. Guadalupe on your many achievements!

Maria Elena Lopez - High School Equivalency Class

Last summer Maria Elena Lopez contracted COVID, was at death's edge and this fall she has barely missed a day of school.


Maria Elena is still recovering despite the fact she is negative now, but you wouldn't know it.  She lives her life with vigor, teaching herself to breathe once more with fullness and to pursue her goals.  Ever since she began taking Mr. Villafane's High School Equivalency class, she is always there among the first students waiting for the class to start and she is always a step ahead, a page ahead and an answer ahead.


Mr. Villafane said, "Trying to leave COVID behind, she has chosen my class as a way to look ahead, and such puts in perspective how important it is that I am thee, behind the screen every day".

Marlen Padilla - English As A Second Language Program

Marlen Padilla is a new student to BPACE and is not only highly motivated to learn, but is the proud mother of an adorable three-month-old daughter.  Marlen attends classes daily, completes all homework assignments and participated readily in her online class, often with her new baby right on her lap!  "Her positive attitude, dedication and interest in learning are qualities that will be an incredible example to her young daughter.  Marlen is an excellent student and a wonderful mother, and I am most fortunate to have her in my class", ESL Instructor Jennifer Martin.  "In this most unprecedented and challenging time, it's truly inspiring to see so many dedicated and enthusiastic students in our classes."

Susana Gomez - Re-Entry Into The Workforce Program

Susana Gomez not only holds down a full-time job but is also a wife, a mother of two beautiful children and in her spare time an entrepreneur where she makes and sells masks, is an Avon representative and deals in Princess House.  Susana attends her Sewing Class (on WebEX) and her instructor Josefina Thomas is inspired by her dedication to her family and her independent spirit.  Susana states that she works hard because she like to have her own money and never wants to be dependent on others.

Jacqueline Montes - Adult Secondary Education Program

Baldwin Park Adult and Community Education (BPACE) student Jacqueline Montes is registered in our Adult Secondary Education program working toward receiving her high school diploma.   We all can relate to working from home, home schooling our children, trying to find new and inventive ways of keeping our children entertained and dealing with all of the daily stresses in this uncertain time.  Jacqueline works from home, continues to care for her family and completes her assignments to earn her credits towards graduation without complaint.


Jacqueline’s instructor Mark Steimle stated, “Jacqueline works very hard to support her family while working hard on her schoolwork so she can achieve her goal of getting her high school diploma, she really inspires me!”

Cindi Cortes - Adult Basic Education Program

When the pandemic hit it looked like graduation would have to remain a dream for Cindi Cortes.  Her children, who are enrolled in the Baldwin Park Unified School District were suddenly at home and using Chromebooks to continue with their own studies during the day.  During this time Cindi could not attend BPACE classes and didn’t have the books to finish the math course she needed to graduate; but though hard work and perseverance, Cindi worked late into the night, but never gave up her dream of graduating.  She met with her teacher during designated hours, used online materials to prepare for her tests and she was able to complete her math class.   Congratulations Cindi Cortes, BPACE 2020 Graduate!

Angeles Padilla – English As A Second Language Program

Angeles Padilla is a student in our English As A Second Language (ESL) program; Angeles attends classes daily in the morning and afternoon, works diligently to complete her daily assignments and homework and is highly motivated to advance in the ESL program here at BPACE.


Angeles is described as kind, caring, patient and has eternal optimism towards her classmates and has inspired them to believe in themselves and has motivated them to keep learning; she has been a wonderful role model for her classmates and for her children.


Kim Hoang Do – English As A Second Language Program

Kim Hoang Do is a proud family man who works long hours and attends school in order to provide a better life for his family and to set a good example for his children. 


Kim Hoang enthusiastically attends two online classes daily, works hard to complete his homework assignments and faces each day with optimism and excitement.  Kim Hoang's perpetual smile and his laughter are contagious, and his classmates enjoy his positive attitude and friendliness. His instructor, Jennifer Martin, says that she is inspired by his diligence and determination.  Kim Hoang is a highly motivated student and has made tremendous progress in a very short time.