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Career Technical Education

Do you want to train for a new career?  Baldwin Park Adult and Community Education (BPACE) can help you to achieve your goal.  Take a look at our Career Technical Education courses listed below and click on the career that your interested in to find out how to register.

This 620-hour course offers courses focused on solutions for today's business needs.  Practical computer application necessary to run a successful business or organizations includes but not limited to:  Office 365 for cloud-based solutions, desktop applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Access.  Windows and Mac operating systems.  Basic business Math and business English and keyboarding.

For advanced students, also available Microsoft Dynamics 365 modern solutions for business as the business needs grow.  Learn how to avoid duplicaiton of data, manual processes and how to avoid security issue.  Master Adobe Suite for image editing and graphic design.

Learn the skills needed to work in a repair shop through individual and group training.  Work on your own car or perform maintenance on customer vehicles.  This 1080-hour per year course is taught by an ASE Certified Master Mechanic.  Modules taught:
     • Heating & Air Conditioning, Automotive Transmission/Transaxle (automatic)
     • Manual Drive Train and Axles
     • Engine Repair
     • Electrical Systems
     • Engine Performance
     • Suspension and Steering
     • Brake Systems and ASE Certification Review (optional)
This 1500-hour certified course is designed to prepare student for employment in the barbering industry including preparation for the State Board Exam.  Students will receive training in:
     • Cutting & Hair Styling
     • Skin Care
     • Shaving
     • Men's Hair Replacement
This 200-hour course is designed to prepare students for the State Board Exam.  Students receive hands on professional training in:
     • Skin Care
     • Shaving
     • Facial Hair Design
(Proof of Cosmetology License is required)
This 1600-hour certified course is designed to prepare students for employment in the cosmetology industry including preparation for the required State Board Exam.  Students receive professional training in:
     • Cutting & Styling Hair
     • Skin Care
     • Make Up
     • Manicures & Pedicures
This 300-hour program is designed to prepare students for the State Board Exam.  Students receive hands on professional training in:
     • Make Up
     • Facials
     • Manicures & Pedicures
     • Acrylic Nails
(Proof of Barbering License is required)
This 900-hour course will prepare you for an entry-level job as an electrician and prepare you to pass the State licensing examination that is required for all electricians seeking employment in California.  This course will focus on:
     • Study of Basic Electricity
     • Residential Home Wiring
     • Industrial Wiring
     • Schematic Layout
     • Blueprint Reading
     • Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC)
This 692-hour course is designed to prepare you for a career in the Food Service Industry.  You will be taught by seasoned professionals with many years of industry experience.  Modules include:
     • Culinary Foundations I
     • California Food Handlers
     • Advanced Culinary/ International Cuisines
     • Food Manager Certification
     • Restaurant Management and Operations
Home Care Aide
This 40 hour course trains students to give basic care and support to a client in their home setting.  Emphasis is given to safety principles for client mobility and transport, personal hygiene care, home safety management and nutrition.  This course also integrates methods for meeting the social and psychological needs of the client.  Upon completion of the required theory and hands-on practice hours, the student will be qualified to apply for the California State, Department of Social Services Home Care Aide license and be able to be immediately employed
     •  Additional health related services training from both a pharmacy technician instructor and medical assistant instructor.
This is a 710 hour course, as the number of efficient and environmentally sound heating and air conditioning solutions continues to grow, so does the demand for residential and commercial HVAC technicians.  This course is designed to prepare our students for the EPA 608 Certification and employment in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning field.
     • Hands-On Training
     • Learn about environmental systems, maintenance skills and more!
     • Students may receive college credit at Mount San Antonio College
This 800-hour course (including 160 externship hours) will teach you the following skills needed to work as an entry-level Medical Assistant through hands-on training with injections, blood drawing, EKG, simple blood testing, urine analysis and assisting with minor surgeries.  This course will help you focus on the administrative duties and you will learn:
     • Reception and Telephone Techniques
     • Billing Procedures
     • Bookkeeping and Office Financial Management
     • Paper and Computerized Appointment Scheduling
     • Medical Records Management and Medical Terminology
This 615-hour course (including 175 externship hours) will teach you all the technical skills to work as an entry-level therapeutic services (Pharmacy Technician) in a hospital or community setting.  Training will focus on:
     • Pharmacy Profile Skills
     • Medication Dosage Calculations
     • Home Health Care
     • Long Term Care Order Processing
     • Community & Hospitality Pharmacy Operations
     • Patient Services
     • Data Entry Skills