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Ms. Linda Wirawan Barbering and Cosmetology Classes

Welcome to Barbering and Cosmetology Classes.
This class is design according to The Board of Barbering and Cosmetology guideline. Students enrolled in Barbering program are required to finished with 1500 clock hours and Cosmetology program are required to finished with 1600 clock hours.
Student will be graduating with the required complete hours, practical operations and passing all the test with a minimum grade of 70% 
Class Schedule:
Monday - Friday from 8.00 am to 4.30 pm
Course Description:
The purpose of this course to introduce students to basic learning of Barber and Cosmetology Field.
Course Objective:
1. Students will be able to develop basic skills for the entry position in barber and cosmetology fields.
2. Students will be exposed to many career related to the barber and cosmetology fields.
3. Students will develop communication skills required for the employment.
4. Students will  be able to practice barber or cosmetology skills on the clients
Course Expectation:
1. Students will be able to perform basic skills without assistance.
2. Students will be able to communicate with fellow students and clients.
Grading Scale:
A  91 - 100
B  81 - 90
C  70 - 80
D  60 - 69